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Welcome to Detchai Rubber Co.,Ltd.

   “ Sawasdee and welcome to Detchai Rubber"

“Sawasdee” is a greeting word in Thai. Thai people say this word with a warmly welcome gesture. And it is our great pleasure to say "sawasdee" to you !.

Thailand is a land of agriculture, especially Thai rice
. In Thai rice is one of the most important export goods. Rice has been with Thai people for centuries. It is our main dish. Rice has been planted and cultivated since our ancient ancestors. Thus Thailand has been widely recognized in the rice industry for having the highest technology in the world. Furthermore, rice has been our number one export especially jasmine rice. There are over 20,000 rice mills in Thailand.

Our rice mill rubber roller under the brand name ‘
Detchai Rubber’ has been developed over decades since 1975 with the governmental support giving us the latest information about science and technology concerning rice and rubber rice rollers.

We also have been financially supported to develop the rice mill rollers, rubber roller to maximize the efficiency of rice mill.

Detchai Rubber also has its own production and research and development team to constantly improve its product.
This led Detchai Rubber to be the most popular product in and outside Thailand. We are currently export rubber roller to many countries such as in the United States, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria ,and China.


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